A selection of testimonials from clients who have used our investigative services.

The General Dental Council (GDC) have worked with Invicta Investigation for almost 3 years on cases that have involved investigation and evidence gathering where criminal offences have been alleged contrary to the Dentists Act 1984. These investigations mainly concern allegations of individuals practicing dentistry when not qualified and registered with the GDC.

Invicta Investigation have provided the GDC with an excellent service on all cases that have been sent to them, delivering results on time and within budget. They have always acted in accordance with instructions and within the law. On one occasion, in an emergency, Invicta Investigation were able to attend a venue within 3 hours of instructions being given.

The reports they provide are first-rate, comprehensive, clear and concise. I can thoroughly recommend them.

Philip Blakebrough, Head of Fitness to Practice, Legal, General Dental Council

As a Regulator we ensure the safeguarding of animal welfare so it is important that we have the tools to do our job to the best of our ability.

Invicta Investigation provided us with the support and training to confidently deliver our job to a high standard, identify areas for improvement and arm us with the necessary tools to prevent fraudulent applications.

Bringing Invicta Investigation into our workplace has been invaluable and has positively impacted delivery and staff confidence in the areas of risk and fraud.

Nicola South, Customer Experience Manager and Head of Registration
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

As a headteacher I have many personnel issues which need resolving, some more complex than others. It was during one of the more complex cases that I received a recommendation to use an external investigation company, Invicta Investigation.

From the outset, I felt I could be open and honest about the situation that I needed help with. Both Debbie and Pierre were extremely thorough and honest in what they could and would be able to do. They have a vast amount of experience and used this to really good effect throughout the investigation period. Their advice and guidance was realistic, thorough and very professional, as was the final report.

Their assistance helped me resolve the issue to the benefit of the school. I would not hesitate in using them again and would recommend their services without hesitation.

D T Lawson
Headteacher Aylesford School - Sports College

As a head teacher of a school for pupils with profound, severe and complex needs, I do not have the expertise or resources to carry out lengthy and complicated investigations in terms of staff discipline. So when we were given the contact number for Invicta Investigation I was extremely relieved that there was a company that could help me through a potentially difficult investigation.

On first meeting Pierre and Debbie, I immediately had complete confidence in their professionalism and knowledge. The investigation they worked on was lengthy, and as they interviewed staff, more issues arose. They willingly followed up all the issues in detail and with the precision that only past members of the police force could. All through the investigation, every 'i' was dotted and 't' was crossed. Staff were interviewed with empathy and professionalism. The investigation report was in depth and extremely easy to follow.

Throughout the investigation, they liaised with Personnel to ensure that they were following the correct process. I was reassured that they would be at the disciplinary, if needed, and also be available if the result was taken further. The Senior Leadership Team also learnt so many useful tips from Pierre and Debbie that we are still using. I am so pleased that their contact number landed on my desk and would not hesitate to use Invicta Investigation again.

Peggy Murphy, Head Teacher, Five Acre Wood School, Maidstone

Boys and Maughan Solicitors have used Invicta Investigation for a number of years now. Both Pierre Turner and Debbie Woledge provide an efficient, discreet and professional service at all times. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are prepared to go the ‘extra mile’ to provide a professional service of a very high standard . They are our first point of contact for the service of court documentation and tracing services and we would not hesitate to recommend them. Excellent Service!

Mary-Joyce Insaidoo – Partner Boys & Maughan Solictors

I have instructed Invicta Investigation on many occasions within matrimonial and family proceedings. Both Debbie and Pierre have been helpful, approachable, efficient and reliable and also competitively priced. I would highly recommend them.

Amy Spencer, Fosters Law - Fosters Law are a modern friendly firm acting with skill and authority for private individuals, businesses and larger organisations.

We have used Invicta Investigation for a trace enquiry. They were successful in tracing the person in question and we found their service to be very professional.

Steven Harrison, Senior Partner, Robinson Allfree Solicitors, Broadstairs

Debbie and Pierre of Invicta Investigation were recommended to me to help deal with a case of harassment. From the outset their very calm and clear explanation of the law and the steps that needed to be taken were a huge reassurance.

Throughout the investigation they were always very responsive and answered any questions I had. Their years of experience within the police force ensured my case was brought to a satisfactory conclusion without the need of going to court.

I would feel confident in calling upon Debbie and Pierre’s services again in the future and would not hesitate in recommending them to others.


Following being mis-sold bridge loans to assist me with my property investments, I found that I was tied into a situation where only God could initially help me.

I used the services of Invicta Investigation to assist me in sorting out my financial position. I had excellent service from them. They helped me to understand and clarify the level of my debt and how it had accrued.

After the investigation I found I could organize myself and I then sought the services of a solicitor to whom I gave the Invicta Investigation report. As a result, I was advised that there may be an opportunity to claim compensation for miss-selling should I want to.

The information they obtained and presented, enabled me to take the necessary action to resolve my current financial situation.

At the start of their enquiry it was not clear that Invicta Investigation could help me, but thank God I spoke to them. They were such a great help and I recommend them 100%.

Gisele Viveiros, Crystal Palace, London.

Having been deceived and had a large amount of money stolen from me in a bogus internet scam, I reported this matter to the police and the two banks concerned in the money transfer.

In short, I did not receive any help from the two banks involved and I was pushed between three police forces and basically ignored.

I contacted Invicta Investigation for their advice. The advice I was given put my mind at ease, although obviously, it could not recover the money.

I now realise that internet fraud is very difficult to have investigated by the Authorities.

Using their experience, Invicta Investigation were able to explain what action to take in order to get some engagement from all the other parties involved.

They also took a comprehensive statement from me, ensuring all relevant exhibits were produced. This was subsequently sent to the police to enable an investigation to be commenced. In addition, the banks concerned were put on notice that I required them to take some form of action in an attempt to recover my money.

This demonstrated a way forward to me that I had not realised existed. If it had not been for the assistance that Invicta Investigation gave me I believe that my situation would have been conveniently forgotten and nothing would have been done to trace the perpetrators and recover my money.

I would certainly recommend using their services again.

Andy Constable, Kent

The quality of the work of Invicta Investigation has, in my experience of dealing with them, demonstrated all the hallmarks of a thoroughly professional and extremely competent team.

Their integrity and methodology provides one with the reassurance that the client’s best interests are being served at all times. They operate skilfully, accurately and with complete discretion and always have the best interests of those they serve uppermost in their mind.

I cannot praise them highly enough for the support I received whilst they acted for me.

B.M. Kent

Invicta Investigation offers services covering commercial investigations, fraud investigations, process serving, personal injury investigations, evidence gathering, loss prevention and fraud prevention. They also provide an enquiry consultancy service.