Accident and General Investigations

Pierre Turner

Pierre Turner completed 34 years police service and has 30 years experience in criminal investigations ranging from minor thefts through to complex company and mortgage frauds, sexual offences, robbery, rape, kidnapping and murder. He has received a number of commendations for his investigative work, including two from High Court Judges in respect of murder and complex fraud enquiries. His last position with the police involved managing a Case Management Unit responsible for 17 staff engaged in case file preparation, review and disclosure. This position also involved an investigative fraud workload and the training of outside agency Criminal Justice partners.

Computer Crime, Fraud and Training

Professor Nigel Jones MBE FBCS

Formerly a Detective Sergeant with more than 30 years of experience with Kent Police, primarily in commercial fraud, digital forensics and cybercrime investigation. He was responsible for the creation of the National High Tech Crime Training Centre and the High Tech Crime Training Programme for the UK police service. He is a special advisor to both Interpol and Europol and a consultant for the Council of Europe and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, assisting with capacity building programmes in the developing world.

Performance Management, Assessment and Training

Roger Harding

Formerly a teacher with 23 years experience including 6 years as a Deputy Head, he now works as an independent consultant providing specialist advice to Local Authorities and schools in all aspects of performance management and pay progression. He is an accredited Performance Management Adviser and Regional Trainer for the Training and Development Agency and was an assessor and co-director for the National Education Assessment Centre established to identify and develop head teachers. He was an assessor for Kent’s Leadership Assessment Centre established to assess and develop senior managers across all Directorates.

Invicta Investigation offers services covering commercial investigations, fraud investigations, process serving, personal injury investigations, evidence gathering, loss prevention and fraud prevention. They also provide an enquiry consultancy service.